Telon has been engaged in PC industry for more than 20 years since 1990.

We are one of the largest brands in Taiwan, the market share of Telon in Taiwan is considerable both in retails and online store.

Telon is the exclusive distributor of several famous computer brands both domestic and abroad, including be quiet!, aigo, and Montech.

Important events:

2011 Telon got the distribution right of ZALMAN.

2012Telon got the exclusive distribution right of Aigo.

2017Telon became the exclusive distributor of be quiet! in Taiwan market.

2017Telon created our own brand “Montech” in order to provide customers the best quality product with the most reasonable price.


Montech is a Taiwanese brand developed by Telon LTD.

Our slogan: With good value

Montech aims to convey the best value for the customers.

Montech is created due to the fact that the founders are not satisfied by the chassis and power supply in the current PC market.

As a result, our target is to develop a brand which can meet various demands and expectations of customers.

The core of Montech is to provide customers the best quality product with the most reasonable price.


Telon LTD. understands the concerns of customers when buying computer equipment, so we emphasize a lot on customer perception of our products and the service we provide.

In order to give customers the best shopping experience, we always provide customers the best after sales service.

Telon LTD. has professional customer service representative, we are willing to deal with all kinds of problems customers have.


Every computer chassis and power supply is designed by our own Taiwanese engineering groups and built to our exact specifications.

Except Taiwanese market, we have already expanded our brand overseas.

Montech has already got good reputation in the PC market and already got lots of loyal customers. In the future, we believe Montech would be a competitive computer brand in the PC market both domestic and abroad.