Montech- With Good Value!

Telon Co., Ltd. has been engaged in Taiwanese PC industry for more than 30 years. And its team includes experienced engineers & designers and after-sales personnel.

MONTECH is established by Telon in 2016, which focus in the gaming market. Montech is quite successful in the Taiwan market. It is now seeking to expand to the world.

The core value of MONTECH is to bring customers "good value ". The products are mainly focus on enhancing thermal solution and silence. Also, its quality control is very demanding. They will randomly sample up to 40% of the finished product. And make sure every of them meet the standard.


2017/2 The establishment of Montech

2017/3 Started to sell Montech to the biggest retailers in Taiwan, including Coolpc, PChome, and the e-commerce around the world.

2017/5 Our power supply ALPHA、BETA、GAMMA series all passed 80+ certifications

2019/3 The launch of Air 900 series which exhibited in COMPUTEX2019

2019/6 Start exporting all around, including Indonesia, United state…etc.

2019/10 The release of Air 900 series on New Egg

Main products

PC cases

Power supplies

Gaming peripherals

From product conception, design, production and testing are all operated by professional engineering team and trustworthy factory, all built to our exact specifications. Creative engineering perspectives, reliable materials and premium quality make Montech a competitive and reliable PC brand.

The core of Montech is to provide customers the best quality product with the most reasonable price.


Every computer chassis and power supply are designed by our own Taiwanese engineering groups and built to our exact specifications.

Except Taiwanese market, we have already expanded our brand overseas.

Montech has already got good reputation in the PC market and already got lots of loyal customers. In the future, we believe Montech would be a competitive computer brand in the PC market both domestic and abroad.